Tyler Candles Glamorous Wash

$ 7.25

A fine laundry detergent designed to explore and expand the power of fragrance for an intimate glamour experience.

Available in 112 grams, 907 grams, and 3.78 Liters

DIVA® A warm and complex fragrance overflowing with delicious fruits and rich florals. Rich aromatic chocolate and amber complete this luscious blend!! It's her world...we just live in it.

 HIGH MAINTENANCE®Our #1 fragrance!! Floral, woody blend combined with patchouli and vanilla with a heavy musk undertone! Very sophisticated and truly addictive!!!!!!!

ENTITLED ** NEW Privilege is perfection & special treatment is immediately granted! Rich sugared oranges, melded with tart lemons, and limes, reminiscent of exotic mountain greens. * Newest fragrance in the Tyler collection